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MB-78 EI

The MB-78EI system is used to make internal or external fire partitions with single and double-leaf doors of fire resistance class EI 15, EI 30, EI 45, EI 60 or EI 90, according to the PN-EN 13501-2:2010 standard. Numerous tests and calculations have also proven that products made from this system have very good thermal (Uf from 1.60 W/(m2K)) and acoustic insulation (up to 40 dB).​​​​​​​
aluprof.pngmb-78ei-31-pl.jpg Due to its properties, optimised technology and production costs, compatibility with other ALUPROF window and door systems and consistent technical development, it is a very popular product in its class and is widely used in the construction market.

The MB-78EI system construction is based on thermally insulated aluminium profiles with a depth of 78 mm. They are characterised by a low heat transfer coefficient thanks to the use of special 34 mm wide profiled thermal breaks in their construction. The structure’s resistance to high temperatures is ensured by special GKF or CI fire insulation inserted into the internal chambers of the profiles and into the insulation spaces between the profiles, as well as by steel accessories and fasteners.​​​​​​​
The thickness of the infills in the MB-78EI system ranges from 6 to 49 mm. The infills can be all typical fire-resistant glazing, as well as layered opaque elements composed of sheeting and suitable panels to provide the required fire protection. Smoke-proof structures can also be achieved with this system.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​mb78ei-081.jpgThe available angular connections of the walls in the system, the possibility to bend profiles and build arch constructions, as well as the use of slanted lacings and decorative muntins glued on the glass, are features that affect the shape and aesthetics of the development.

The range of admissible construction dimensions includes fixed partitions up to 4 m high and swing doors with leaf dimensions up to 1.4 x 2.5 m. The doors of the MB-78EI system can be installed both individually, as part of larger glazed wall constructions, and in the fire facades of the MB-SR50EI and MB-SR50N EI systems. Large design possibilities, freedom of choice of different hinges, locks, door closers and other fittings, and optimised production technology are just a few of the numerous advantages of this system. It also allows for the manufacture of MB-78EI DPA automatic sliding doors with a fire resistance class of EI15 or EI30, and is also the basis for the construction of MB-78EI non-sectioned walls and MB-118EI walls, making it possible to achieve fire resistance in the EI120 class.
The MB-78EI system is covered by ITB Technical Approval No. AT-15-6006/2016 and UK CERTIFIRE Certificate No. CF 5138.
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