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Glass panes

Thermal glazing
Thermal glazing is manufactured from low-emissivity soft-coated glass, which is produced using an 'off line' process, i.e. a metallic coating is applied to the glass pane outside the float glass production line.
Safety glass
Laminated glass - this is glass pane that, depending on its construction, provides various functions - protection against burglary, reducing the risk of injury from glass fragments in the event of breakage and the risk of falling out.
Sun protection glass
For many years, building designers have been looking for new materials for façades, and in today's architecture glass has found extensive use. Homes, offices and public buildings overflow with light, but the high degree of transparency of glass can lead to overheating and high UV transmittance.
Decorative glass
Transparent or translucent, decorated with prints, sandblasted or acid-etched, laminated with a tinted or white layer inside - all for a decorative effect, but also to increase the feeling of privacy.
Acoustic glass
The acoustic properties of a window, its ability to dampen noise, have a significant impact on creating a comfortable environment for the building's occupants. An important element in improving the acoustic insulation of a window is the selection of appropriate glazing.
Fire resistant glass
Fire resistant glass meets the criteria for fire insulation and fire tightness in accordance with EN 1363-1. The fire-resistant glass is formed by panes of glass with a clear hydrogel between them. The thickness of its layer determines the fire resistance class.
Mullions and frames
Mullions are considered to be one of the popular methods of decorating windows by dividing the surface of the glass into smaller areas.
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