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MB-45 Office

The MB-45 OFFICE system of fixed and door-fitted partition walls is used to make internal partitions whose characteristic feature is that the load-bearing element of the structure may be toughened glass.​​​​​​​
aluprof.pngmb-45_office-025.jpg Due to its versatility and great potential for high rooms, the MB-45 OFFICE system is dedicated to the construction of light yet robust walls in conference and office rooms with clearly defined doors. Fixed walls and all-glass door leaves (swinging and pivoting) can be made from the elements of this system.

The structural depth of the profiles is 45 mm, which is identical to the depth of all frame sections and mullions of the base MB-45 system. Both solutions are fully compatible, so that the profiles of both systems can be combined freely. The MB-45 OFFICE system is based on several base profiles which, after tightening appropriate adaptation profiles, can function as window frames, door frames, crosspieces or mullions. It can use hinges, locks and door closers from Aluprof, Geze and WSS. The functionality of this version of the MB-45 system makes it possible to change the arrangement of the interior by dismantling the connections and reassembling them to change for example, the installation angle or functions.
In the MB-45 OFFICE construction, it is possible to use various types of infill and glazing: both single and double-glazed, with thicknesses ranging from 2 - 25 mm. Particularly large-sized toughened glass panes with a thickness of 8, 10 and 12 mm are dedicated to this system. They are installed with glazing bars and gaskets.
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