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MB-60 EI

The MB-60E EI system is used to make internal or external single and double-leaf fire doors. The system also allows for service windows and fire protection partitions to be made. Constructions made on the basis of the MB-60E EI system are characterised by the fire resistance class EI15 or EI30 according to the PN-EN 13501-2+A1 standard, the doors may additionally meet the smoke tightness requirements in the S200, Sa class according to PN-EN 13501-2+A1. The system is classified as non fire-spreading.​​​​​​​
aluprof.pngmb-60e-ei-30-pl.png The solution is based on aluminium profiles with thermal break of the MB-60E system, the structural depth of the sections is 60 mm. The fire resistance of the structure is ensured by fire insulation elements which are installed in the internal chambers of the profiles. The structures are additionally equipped with intumescent strips, which are an impenetrable barrier to fire should it occur.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
MB-60 EI
MB-60 EI
The system allows the use of all typical fire-resistant glazing of EI15 and EI30 classes with a thickness of 5 to 41 mm. Unlike other fireproof systems, in MB-60E EI the glass is fixed with glazing beads on the inside. The special steel accessories used prevent the glass from falling out during a fire.
The MB-60E EI system makes it possible to manufacture doors with maximum leaf dimensions: S up to 1.4 m H up to 2.475 m. The width of double-leaf doors can be up to 2.58 m. This solution, thanks to its constructional possibilities and compatibility with other MB series systems, is in many cases a very attractive proposition in this class of fire protection products.
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