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Winkhaus proPilot
proPilot is Winkhaus' latest compact hardware system for PVC rectangular, tilt and turn, as well as first turn windows. It also enables the production of double-sash casement windows.
Winkhaus activPilot Concept
The activPilot system from Winkhaus combines many innovative, practical solutions that are sure to become standard in the future. The new system is based on the proven autoPilot hardware.
Winkhaus activPilot Tilt-First
With their ingenuity and unbridled desire to explore the world, our little ones are exposed to danger. This is often the case when their exploratory play takes place near windows.
Winkhaus activPilot Select
The fashion for large glazing and narrow profiles, increased interest in windows with improved energy efficiency and sound absorption are the latest trends in the construction industry. Extremely sturdy hardware is required for such solutions, especially when the windows are fitted with triple glazing units.
Winkhaus activPilot Comfort
Rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom create a great deal of dampness, which needs to be got rid of regularly. Otherwise, dampness and fungus form on the walls - not only damaging the walls, but above all damaging our health.
Winkhaus activPilot Control
This is the first such window monitoring solution patented by Winkhaus. It consists of replacing the contact catch with a radio-controlled locking sensor. A transponder (transmitter), mounted on the sash, works together with a sensor (receiver), located on the window frame.
Winkhaus activPilot Giant
Tilt and turn hardware for large windows. activPilot Giant is a tilt and turn hardware for large and heavy PVC, timber and aluminium windows and balcony doors. This robust and stable solution combines maximum load-bearing capacity with low installation requirements and exceptional aesthetics.
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