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Perfekt doors are the perfect line for your home!
The leaf is made using innovative embossing technology. The glass is fixed directly onto the leaf mantle, so that the plane of the glass is flush with the plane of the leaf. The new solution dramatically improves the door’s aesthetics and will fit perfectly into the architecture of modern buildings. On the outside, tempered graphite tinted glass is used either without a glazing frame or with an innovative narrow inox frame to subtly accentuate the glazing. On the inside, safety glass 3.3.1 is used with a stainless steel or black painted frame.
Perfekt 1
Perfekt 2
Perfekt 3
Perfekt 5

GLASS line

The Glass range is a line created for every type of interior.
The doors in this range have an opaque glass application – black or mirrored – which enriches the appearance of the doors and makes them unique. The glass is applied directly to the surface of the leaf, giving the door a glaze-like look, while retaining all the properties of a solid door. The GLASS range is ideal for homes and multi-family buildings.
Glass 1A Glass 1A
Glass 2 Glass 2
Glass 2A Glass 2A
Glass 2B Glass 2B
Glass 3 Glass 3
Glass 3A Glass 3A
Glass 3B Glass 3B
Glass 4 Glass 4
Glass 5 Glass 5
Glass 6 Glass 6


The GLASS VIEW door line features modern black finishes in the glazing.
The outer pane, which is glued directly onto the surface of the leaf, has a black border made using durable ceramic paint, which creates a unique black glass frame effect from the outside. The glass is toughened for safe use and impact resistance. The inside of the door is finished with a steel frame in black. The unique design of the GLASS VIEW range makes it perfect for modern-style homes.
Glass View 1 Glass View 1
Glass View 1A Glass View 1A
Glass View 1B Glass View 1B
Glass View 2 Glass View 2
Glass View 2A Glass View 2A
Glass View 2B Glass View 2B
Glass View 3 Glass View 3
Glass View 3A Glass View 3A
Glass View 3B Glass View 3B
Glass View 4 Glass View 4

LOFT line

The LOFT line is a proposal for modern interiors.
With an innovative industrial-style design, we can get the perfect solution for your home. The glass in the door of the LOFT range consists of three panes of glass, joined by black inter-pane frames. The centre pane has black muntin bars, so we can achieve the desired effect. On the outside and inside of the door there are highlights in black, which further emphasises the modernity of the LOFT line of doors. The doors in this line combine perfectly with black door frames, which emphasises their aesthetic qualities.
Loft 1 Loft 1
Loft 2 Loft 2
Loft 3 Loft 3
Loft 4 Loft 4

INOX glazed line

The entrance door with INOX application and glazing is a classic and very elegant solution for detached houses. A glass packet, made up of three panes – two external safety panes and one central pane – is incorporated in the door leaf. A glazing decoration is placed on the central pane. An INOX or black frame is also applied to the door leaf, which enhances the aesthetic qualities of the door leaf. Dedicated passive leaves and extensions are also available for the INOX glazed doors.
10s1 inox/black
10s2 inox/black
10s3 inox/black
10s4 inox/black
10s5 inox/black
11s1 inox/black
11s2 inox/black
11s3 inox/black
11s5 inox/black
11s6 inox/black
11s7.jpg 11s7 inox/black
11s8 inox/black
11s9.jpg 11s9 inox/black
11s12 inox/black
11s13.jpeg 11s13 inox/black
13s1 inox/black
13s2 inox/black
13s3.jpg 13s3 inox/black
13s4 inox/black
14s1 inox/black
14s2 inox/black
14s3.jpg 14s3 inox/black

DUO COLOR series

duo color nagłówek.jpg
The doors of the KMT PLUS 54, KMT PLUS 75 DUO COLOR series present a combination of two different laminate shades on one side of the leaf. DUO COLOR designs are available in a glazed version as well as with inox and black applications with the possibility of any colour combination. Doors designed for use in multi-family and single-family dwellings. Robust construction and very good technical parameters guarantee satisfactory use.
DUO 11s2
DUO 11s3
DUO 11s6
DUO 11s7
DUO 11s8
DUO 11s9
DUO 13s1
DUO 13s2
DUO 13s4
DUO aplikacja 13-1
DUO aplikacja 0
DUO aplikacja 18-2


klasyczne nagłówek.jpg
The doors in the CLASSIC line are the best design for traditional-style homes. The doors in this line are available in both glazed versions, with a frame in the same colour as the leaf, as well as in deep and shallow embossed versions.
Pattern 1
Pattern 1s
Pattern 2
Pattern 2s
wzór 5.jpg Pattern 5
Pattern 5s
Pattern 5ds
Pattern 6
Pattern 6s
Pattern 7
Pattern 7s2
Pattern 7s4
Pattern 7s6
Pattern 10
10s1.jpeg Pattern 10s1
10s2.jpeg Pattern 10s2
10s3.jpeg Pattern 10s3
10s4.jpeg Pattern 10s4
10s5.jpeg Pattern 10s5


Doors with INOX application are perfect for both single-family homes and multi-family buildings. An INOX or black frame is applied to the door leaf, which is an excellent decorative element. Their variety makes the INOX WITH APPLICATION range suitable for any style of home finish. Dedicated passive leaves and extensions are also available for the INOX WITH APPLICATION line of doors.
Application 0
aplikacja 1.jpeg Application 1
aplikacja 2.jpeg Application 2
Application 4
Application 10-1
Application 10-2
Application 10-3
Application 10-4
Application 10-5
aplikacja 11-2.jpg Application 11-2
Application 11-5
Application 11-6
aplikacja 11-7.jpg Application 11-7
aplikacja 11-9.jpg Application 11-9
aplikacja 11-13.jpg Application 11-13
Application 13-1
Application 13-2
Application 14-2
Application 15-1
Application 16-1
aplikacja 19.jpeg Application 19
aplikacja 20.jpeg Application 20
aplikacja z numerem domu 60mm.jpg Application with the house number 60 mm
aplikacja z numerem domu 120mm.jpg Application with the house number 120 mm


płaskie nagłówek.jpg
Flat and embossed doors are an option for all types of construction – both single-family and multi-family. Thanks to their subtle embossing and high quality workmanship, they are suitable for both modern and classic interiors.
wzór płaskie.jpg Flat
Pattern 13
13A.jpeg Pattern 13A
13B.jpeg Pattern 13B
Pattern 14
Pattern 14 A
14B.jpeg Pattern 14B
Pattern 15
Pattern 16
19.jpeg Pattern 19
20.jpeg Pattern 20
21.jpeg Pattern 21
22.jpeg Pattern 22
23.jpeg Pattern 23
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