Tempered glass

Straight from a state-of-the-art glass toughening plant in Pomerania, we present the latest product from KMT Stal - toughened glass.
  1. Production from in-house or customer-provided
  2. CNC machining capability – holes and other shapes
  3. Screen printing
  4. Sandblasting
hartownia.jpgThe main advantages of toughened glass are its high impact and temperature resistance, the flexibility of the material and safety in the event of breakage. All these characteristics make toughened glass an excellent material for creating both large glass structures and doors, as well as furniture elements such as shelves and tabletops.

The toughening of glass involves subjecting it to heat treatment at temperatures as high as 680°C, followed by air cooling. This allows it to be six times more resistant to impact and high temperatures. Such glass increases the safety of use as it breaks into small pieces if broken.
Types of glass
  • bezbarwne.jpgFloat - colourless
  • weneckie.jpgVenetian mirror
  • grafit.jpgColoured graphite
  • mleczne.jpgMilk
Glass thicknesses
  • 4mm.png4 mm
  • 6mm.png6 mm
  • 8mm.png8 mm
  • 10mm.png10 mm
  • 12mm.png12 mm

Types of edge finishing

zalamane.pngcollapsed edges
szlifowane.pngsanded edges
poler.pngsanded and polished edges

Other glass types and finishes available on request.

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