Zobaczstolarka PVC i alu

Vekamotion max

Profiles in the Vekamotion 82 MAX version achieve a Uf of 1.3 W/m²K. The system is available in Vekamotion 82 MAX and Vekamotion 82 MAX versions with an aluminum overlay.
veka.pngVEKA_motion_82_360_0000.pngIt is characterized by excellent energy efficiency thanks to multi-chamber profiles, as well as a threshold with very good thermal insulation, which is made of PVC material which is warmer than aluminum. So the floor by the door is not cold! A closed profile with an outer wall thickness of 3 mm (with a maximum deviation of only +/- 0.2 mm) meets the requirements of the PN-EN 12608 standard, which are imposed on the highest quality profiles.

In the window sash in the HST system, there must be appropriate, solid reinforcements, and in this case the number of chambers is not the most important thing, but the static parameters of the sash. The Vekamotion 82 system uses proven VEKA profiles with a depth of 82 mm. The same glazing beads are used as in classic windows, thanks to which all windows in the house will have a uniform appearance.

Assembling the threshold with the sash in the standard version has a cross-sectional height of 152 mm, while the frame with the sash gives a total dimension of 163 mm. Importantly, the aim is to hide the threshold in the floor as much as possible. The Vekamotion 82 lift and slide door system uses multi-chamber masking strips that cover screw connections after assembly. Thanks to this, the surfaces are completely smooth, even without caps.

The Vekamotion 82 system is adapted to the installation of triple glazing. In the Vekamotion 82 MAX Design version, the windows are 13 cm higher and 7 cm wider. The door in the Vekamotion 82 MAX lift and slide system allows you to get a panoramic view of the house's surroundings, which is important in modern architecture that focuses on integrating the interior of the house with the garden.
As standard, the profiles are white, but on request they can be made in a different color from a wide range. Finishes imitating the texture of wood and aluminum overlays that can be powder coated in any color are also available. You can also order profiles in the SPECTRAL version.
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