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Softline 82 MD

Softline 82 MD profiles are among the most modern profiles and have a high energy efficiency. Softline 82 MD profiles have a heat transfer coefficient of 1.0 W/m²K. When using a glazing unit with a Ug = 0.7 W/m²K, the window will have a U-value of 0.91 W/m²K, which corresponds to the requirements for energy-efficient homes. With a glazing unit of Ug=0.4 W/m²K, the window will have Uw=0.7 W/m²K, permitting it to be installed in passive houses.​​​​​​​
veka.pngVEKA_softline82_AD_360_0000.pngIn the Softline 82 MD profile, the outer walls are 3 mm thick (with a maximum deviation of just +- 0.2 mm), which places it in Class A according to EN 12608.

There are seven chambers in the frame and six in the sash. Both use a reinforcement chamber and steel profiles that stiffen the structure. Softline 82 MD profiles are suitable for double and triple glazing units. The glass units can range from 24 to 52 mm.

The glazing unit is embedded in the profile at a considerable depth, i.e. 25 mm, so that the window has better thermal properties and is less prone to condensation. In the Softline 82 MD profiles, the customised version, in addition to the factory-fitted two seals - external and internal - there is also a centre seal, which improves the acoustic and thermal protection parameters. The seals are available in black, grey or caramel to match the colours of the profiles.

The neutral design makes it possible to match the Softline 82 MD profiles with any type of architecture. They are bendable, so they can be used for curved windows, for example.
The profiles are available in dozens of types. White, coloured (also matt), woodgrain and metal imitation designs. Veneered on one or both sides. VEKA also offers Softline 82 MD profiles in a version with a grey carrier foiled on both sides. This gives the window a uniform, elegant finish. Aluminium covers, powder-coated in any colour, can be applied to the profiles.
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