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Top mounted shutters

Opoterm - top mounted shutter system

The innovative system of top mounted roller shutters is Aluprof's new proposition for those expecting a new, versatile system providing a sense of security.

The system has been designed in compliance with opinions and guidelines expressed by architects and designers, and the company's own experience in constructing and producing shutter systems.

It is a very universal and versatile system, allowing installation without bodywork, with partial or full bodywork. The system's thoughtful structure makes it possible to make a single roller shutter or a set or shutters in one box. Its main advantage is the possibility to choose an inspection method, from the bottom or front of the box, even before the final mounting of the entire shutter.

SKT top mounted system

Top mounted roller shutters - SKT system by Opoterm

The system's structure makes it possible to fit the shutter box in from both sides, or install it without fitting it in. One of the solutions is the possibility to apply a built-in insect screen in the shutter box (the MOSKITO system). The integrated system ensures independent work of the roller shutter and the insect screen.

Roller shutter profiles are made of high quality aluminium sheets covered with a two-layer varnish coat in the PU/PA system, characterised by better resistance to abrasion and weather conditions. Owing to the use of the foam filling, the profiles have very good thermal and sound insulating power. Internal heat insulation of the roller shutter box considerably improves its thermal insulating power.

The box embedded under the header is an integral part of the elevation. The front of the box is at the same time the base for any finishing material (e.g. polystyrene, plaster, clinker etc.) and thus it remains an imperceptible element of the façade. Elements of the SKT system by OPOTERM do not interfere with the structure of windows, doors or headers.

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