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Industrial doors

Durability and reliability

Industrial doors are the primary protection of openings of industrial halls, warehouses or commercial and service buildings from unauthorised access, break-ins and weather conditions. To investors having to choose proper doors, Aluprof offers industrial rolling doors.

The door is lifted up and brought down with a three-phase 400 V AC electric actuator, which guarantees its safe and long use. The PE 100 profile used for the construction of the door curtain ensures stability and resistance to mechanical impact. The coating of the profile is characterised by colour fastness and increased resistance to abrasion, and protects from weather conditions.


  • the Aluprof door may be installed both in existing and in newly built structures,
  • the door is controlled with a switch placed inside the hall; depending on the needs, the use of radio drivers or other chosen combinations of controlling devices ensuring excellent comfort of service, is possible,
  • the Aluprof door works in extreme weather conditions (-25°C ÷ 65°C),
  • the door may be used to the maximum width of 7 m and maximum height of 5 m, total surface must not, however, exceed 31.5 m2,
  • the Aluprof industrial door has modern appearance and is available in a broad variety of colours, which makes it possible to aesthetically fit it in a building's wall.


The Aluprof rolling door is a safe solution. As a standard, it is equipped with the following types of protective measures:

  • an emergency brake protects the curtain from spontaneous unrolling,
  • using a contact security sensor in the bottom bead prevents from being pushed down with the closing door,
  • a system of photocells will react to movement in the opening, which will cause the door to stop or go up,
  • emergency manual drive allows opening or closing the door with a chain or a crank.
BKR rolling grilles

Construction of the door and technical parameters

The door curtain is rolled on a steel tube, whose diameter is compliant with mechanical requirements, tube sitting on the brackets that are its support and bearings. The consoles are fastened directly to a wall or other construction elements of the structure. The actuator transferring the drive to the roller tube may be installed to the right or left side of the door. For doors mounted within the area of the header, attention should be paid to the minimum height of the header that is required to mount the gate (diameter of the spool depends on door height).

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