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BKR rolling grilles

Roll-up grilles

Increasingly frequent acts of vandalism and theft force owners of shops, malls, banks or museums to choose suitable protection at the same time ensuring attractive display of their products. Willing to meet these expectations, Aluprof offers roll-up grilles PEK 80 and PER 77 made of high quality aluminium alloy powder coated with a paint resistant to abrasion and weather conditions, available in a broad variety of RAL colours.

The grille is rolled up and down with an electric actuator. It is controlled with a switch placed inside or outside the room. Selected combinations of controlling devices ensure high comfort of use. Depending on the needs, radio controllers or key switches making it possible to operate the door from outside may be used.



The Aluprof roll-up grille is a safe solution. As a standard, it is equipped with the following types of security measures:

  • protection from spontaneous rolling of the curtain (emergency brake),
  • protection from being pushed down by the closing grille (contact safety sensor in the lower bead, or a set of photocells),
  • electronic sensor or mechanical stop rope pull switch preventing the grille from going up,
  • manual emergency grille opening system.

Structure of the grille

The grille is rolled on an aluminium roller tube fastened to a box or to consoles that are its support and bearings. The consoles are fastened directly to a wall or other construction elements of the structure. For grilles mounted within the area of the header, attention should be paid to the minimum height of the header that is required to mount the grille (diameter of the spool depends on the height of the grille or the size of the box).

Roll-up grilles


Aluprof rolling grilles are a versatile solution. The grille may be mounted both in existing and newly built structures. The basic function and advantage of the rolling grille is the protection of the premises, with a possibility to:

  • display the products,
  • ensure proper ventilation in underground arcades and garages as well as multi-floor parking lots,
  • change the spacing and number of windows to create your desired patterns,
  • apply glazing in the grille profile, which is an additional protection from wind, rain, dust etc.
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