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Garage doors

Bramy garażowe


Due to its specific purpose, every garage should be functional and safe. Garage door is the element which should ensure these properties. It not only protects the car, but frequently also prevents unauthorised access to the house. Taking these requirements into account, Aluprof offers rolling garage doors.

Rolling garage door is a versatile solution – it may be installed both in buildings under construction and in already existing ones. Its important advantage is that it saves space. The door, which is operated in the vertical plane, is a good solution when the driveway to the garage is short or comes directly from the street. It significantly improves the driver’s safety, as the raised curtain of the door does not limit visibility. Individual elements of the rolling door are also characterised by high functionality. Profiles which the curtain is made of are characterised by good thermal and acoustic insulating power. It is possible to fix glazed profiles in the curtain, which will let light inside.


Rolling door is a safe solution in every respect. The curtain, made of PA 77 profiles, is resistant to mechanical impact, and durable guide rails keep it in its place.

As a standard, the door is also protected against being lifted up. The grille drive's electromagnetic brake and locking hangers effectively thwart any attempts to raise the door. In compliance with applicable standards, our doors are also protected against the risk of being pushed down by the closing curtain. If there is any obstacle in the field monitored by photocells, the door immediately stops. Power failure is not a problem either.

In the event of power supply loss, the door may be opened or closed using an emergency manual drive (ANR) which Aluprof actuators may be equipped with.

Aesthetics and comfort of use

As a significant element of architecture, door should harmonise with the building's elevation. Its perfectly suited colours and aesthetic appearance may underline the elevation of a house or a garage.

Using electric drive and remote controlling ensures great comfort of use. Radio controlling allows opening and closing the door without having to get out of the car. The feature is particularly useful when it rains or at night – it is possible to switch on driveway or garage lights with a remote control.

Garage doors

PA 77 door profile

It is made of high quality aluminium sheets used for the construction of rolling door curtains. Pressure has been put on the profile's protective measures. Special shape of profiles: proper sheet thickness allows building a stable curtain resistant to mechanical impact. The use of high quality coating systems make the profile very durable and resistant to abrasion. The profile is also resistant to weather conditions and easy to clean. Its main advantages include high durability and light weight. Depending on the needs, PA 77 profiles may be combined with PER 77 glazed profiles and PEW 77 ventilation profiles.

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