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MB-SR50N system

MB-SR50N - mullion and transom wall

The system is designed to construct and make lightweight flat curtain walls of hanging and filling type, as well as roofs, skylights and other structures. The solution is a modification of the popular MB-SR50 façade system, providing for current trends in architecture.

The shape of mullions and transoms allows aesthetic façades to be built with visible narrow parting lines, at the same time ensuring durability and strength of the construction. Round-shaped sections with a diameter of 2.5 mm, characteristic for MB-SR50, has in MB-SR50N been replaced with the so-called sharp edge. The modification visibly affects the aesthetics of the structure - profile shapes used allow choosing mullions and transoms which give an effect of levelling the surface of mullions and transoms from the inner part of the façade. The solution makes it possible for the final glazing to look like a uniform lattice. It allows aesthetic and accurate connection with other elements such as inner walls or suspended ceilings.

Characteristic features of the MB-SR50N system also include a broad scope of mullion (from 65 mm to 325 mm) and transom profiles (from 5 mm to 189.5 mm), as well as modern accessories and connectors. They allow obtaining larger scopes of bearing capacities – the filling of the façade's fixed module may weigh up to 450 kg. The MB-SR50N system ensures freedom in designing points of façade attachment. Broad scope of glazing also allows the use of large glass panes and two-chamber glazing units.

The use of continuous thermal separator made from HPVC insulating material and EPDM profiled glass gaskets makes it possible to obtain appropriate thermal insulating power class and minimises water condensation on aluminium elements.

An aesthetic variant of the MB-SR50N system, as in previously known mullion and transom façades, are: PL (horizontal and vertical line with underlined horizontal and vertical partitions) and the semi-structural variant (EFEKT). There is also a variant with higher thermal insulating power, MB-SR50N HI, with special two-component isolators.

MB-SR50N allows embedding different types of windows and doors into the façade, including the windows dedicated for use in façades: roof windows and hinged windows. Using windows embedded in the façade, as in solution, MB-SR50 IW, has a particularly attractive appearance.

Due to their construction involving the use of non-flammable materials such as mineral wool and plasterboards, lintel-window sill strips may obtain fire classification depending on the construction of EI30 and EI60, as in other Aluprof façade systems.

Special strap profiles and suitably shaped tightening and hiding battens were provided for constructing an angled wall in horizontal and vertical cross-section; this way there are no limitations in forming a building block and the use of special angle mullions is not required.

A reference document to declare compliance of vertical façades based on the MB-SR50N system is the Harmonised European Standard PN-EN 13830 Curtain walling – product standard

The system may also be a base for making anti-burglary structures.

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