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Warm 60 mm

MB-60 window system

MB-60 window and door system with thermal insulation

MB-60 is a modern aluminium system used to make exterior architectural elements that require thermal and acoustic insulation, such as windows and doors of different types, vestibules, showcases, and spatial constructions.

Profiles of the system consist of three layers. Construction depth of window profiles is: 60 mm (frame), 69 mm (wing), and door, respectively: 60 mm and 60 mm  With windows and doors closed, the assumed depths of casement and frame sections give the effect of a single plane for windows and the effect of the leaf being flush with the frame surface for doors, when looking from the outside. The shape of profiles allows obtaining slender and durable structures of windows and doors.

It is also possible to bend profiles, i.e. frames, sashes/leaves and spacers, which allows shaping arcs and arched structures.

The MB-60 system is characterised by low heat transfer coefficient U due to the use of thermal separators and gaskets. For MB-60 profiles, heat transfer coefficient Uf is: for windows: from 2.0 W/m2K, for doors: from 2.30 W/m2K. The system uses profiled omega-shaped glass fibre-reinforced polyamide thermal separators 24 mm (windows) and 14 mm (doors) in width. The shape of the separators improves profile stiffness in relation to flat separators and facilitates water removal from sections, thus ensuring proper thermal insulation under any weather conditions. An HPVC sill and EPDM gaskets ensure good thermal insulation of door leaves and water and air tightness.

MB-60 door system

A characteristic feature of the system is its strict correlation with the window and door systems MB-45, MB-59S and MB-70. Assuming such a constructional concept made it possible to obtain and use many compatible elements in these systems, such as shared glazing beads, corners, sealing strips, glass and cover gaskets, fixture, locks, and hinges, and many identical manufacturing processes such as studding connectors of lacings and crosspieces, gluing corners preceded crimping by or studding, cutting out different recesses etc. One of the effects of this unification is that the internal and external appearance of products such as windows, doors, etc., made in different external or internal development systems, is almost identical.

The MB-60 system is the basis for improved thermal insulation solutions: MB-60HI, MB-60US HI, MB-60E HI, MB-60EF HI.

The system may also be a base for making anti-burglary structures.

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