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Structure of the system

MB-78EI system

The structure of MB-78EI is based on thermally insulated aluminium profiles with depth of 78 mm. As their structure includes special, 34 mm wide profiled thermal separators, they are characterised by low value of heat transfer coefficient. Special fire insulation elements, GKF or CI, placed inside internal chambers of the profiles and in insulation spaces between the profiles, steel accessories and steel connectors ensure the structure's resistance to high temperatures.

The thickness of fillings in the MB-78EI system is from 6 to 49 mm. Fillings include any typical fire resistant glass panes or multi-layer opaque elements made of sheet metal and appropriate panels ensuring required protection from fire. The system may also be a base for making smoke-proof structures.

Elements and features available in the system, such as angular wall joints, the possibility to bend profiles or to build arched structures, as well as the use of slanting battens and decorative glued-on muntin bars affect the shape and aesthetics of the entire structure.

The scope of allowed dimensions of the structure includes fixed separators up to 4 m high and swing doors with leaves up to 1.4 x 2.5 m. Door of the MB-78EI system may be mounted both individually, as part of larger structures formed of glazed walls, and in fire protection façades used in systems MB-SR50EI and MB-SR50N EI. Broad construction capabilities, freedom of choosing different hinges, locks, door closers and other fittings, as well as optimised production technology are only a few of the system's advantages. The system also allows making automatically sliding doors MB-78EI DPA of fire resistance class EI15 or EI30, it is also the basis for the construction of walls without muntins MB-78EI and MB-118EI walls, which make it possible to obtain fire resistance class EI120.

The MB-78EI system has been granted a technical approval of the Building Research Institute (ITB) no. AT-15-6006/2012 and  British certificate CERTIFIRE no. CF 5138.

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