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Veka Perfectline Standard

Perfectline Standard

A leaf not faced with the frame, slightly rounded leafs and frames.

Fully 5-chamber system (5 chambers in a frame profile and 5 chambers in a leaf profile), with embedding depth (that is width of a frame) equal 70 mm, assuring very good level of thermal protection. Applying a glass pack with a hot frame for the entire window the heat penetration equals Uw=1,1 W/m²K. In case of application of glazing characterized by lower Ug, it is possible to achieve Uw<1,0 W/m2K. (Data acc. DIN-EN 10077, U values refer to windows of dimensions 1230 x 1480 mm, which means area equal 1,82 m².

Possibility to apply glazing thick. from 8 to 42 mm without a need for additional profiles. Possibility to apply glazing up to 49 mm.

Thickness of profile's external wall equals 3 mm (tolerance 0,2 mm), that is parameter meeting the highest RAL standards, class A (PN-EN 12608).

System of two external seals assuring good tightness, acoustic and thermal insulation Areas of seals dropping at 15 degrees (identical as profiles) enable great removal of water and pollutants.

Veka Perfectline Oval

Perfectline Oval

A leaf semi-faced with a frame, greatly curved edge of a leaf and slightly curved edge of the frame.

Proven steel reinforcements assuring great statics, long-term maintenance of the window functions as well as anti-burglary safety. In the frame there is a chamber intended for steel closed reinforcements while in the leaf - for open reinforcements double folded (rare solution in a window technology). Possibility to erect leafs wide up to 1500 mm, without additional protections.

Pattern-designing characterized by classic optics and balanced proportions. Low key, neutral look and external contours fits, in practice, to every facade. Profiles are adjusted to form up arches. Possibility to apply one of three Georgian bars: internal, external (glued) or ones which separate structure of a window.

Low, total side height of leaf profiles and frame, equal to 118 mm, assures larger area of a pane and excellent level of light in a room.

Strong fittings in a leaf and frame via a few walls of a profile, including anti-burglary fittings.

In a frame there are possible additional fittings and fixing of load carrying elements  to a closed section of a steel reinforcement.

Veka Perfectline Swing

Perfectline Swing

A leaf semi-faced with the frame, greatly rounded leafs and frames.

Smooth, easy to maintain, maintenance-free areas of profiles made from high quality PVC - 100% recycled material.

13 mm axis of fittings groove provides solid protection from burglary or taking the window out.

Strong foundation of a pane in a profile, at 21 mm depth, restricts condensation at the pane and makes unauthorized persons have a difficult task to overcome it.

Seals - black, gray or caramel, adjusted to profile finishing - they enhance aesthetics of windows.

With relevant glazing system enables meeting of conditions for the sixth acoustic insulation class, that is damping of noise of value up to 50 dB (e.g. highway with traffic rate up to 5000 vehicles / hour).

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