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Veka Artline 82
Ultra-modern system of window profiles.

Ultra-modern system of window profiles VEKA ARTLINE from PVC is a ground breaking proposal in terms of functionality and design. It's unique attribute is so called non-frame glazing optics which means such structure of profiles which enables to hide optically window frame of a leaf after the frame and hiding the frame behind insulation of a building (e.g. insulation made from polystyrene). As an effect, one achieves windows, which structural elements are invisible, and which are characterized by great glazing area compared to traditional systems. Such a puristic, in terms of designing, system constitutes a contribution in architecture purity, not only in case of new buildings but also in case of old buildings recovery.

ARTLINE is a multi-chamber geometry (6 chambers in a profile of a frame and 5 chambers in a leaf frame) and embedding depth 82 mm assuring ? even without connection with building insulation, a great heat penetration ratio of the profiles Uf=1,0 W/m2K. However, after putting an insulation on the frame, and elimination of thermal bridges in this way, system insulation potential comes close to a level established for passive houses.

Triple pane glazing, of glass pack thickness from 34 to 60 mm enables individual solutions in terms of casings and leafs glazing.

Thickness of profile's external wall equals 3 mm (tolerance 0,2 mm), that is parameter meeting the highest RAL standards, class A (PN-EN 12608).

Despite profiles of the frame and the leaf are hidden to a large extent, it is possible to assure their colors based on the entire range of RAL colors by means of special covers.

ARTLINE standard variant, is equipped with a system of three seals (external, central and internal) perfectly insulating noise, coldness and humidity and liquidating droughts. The central seal is solidly fixed to a frame. Seals are available only in gray color.

Proven (used by dozens of years) steel reinforcements assuring great statics, long-term maintenance of the window functions as well as anti-burglary safety. In the frame there is a chamber with a steel closed reinforcement, while in a leaf - with open reinforcement, double-folded one.

Profiles ARTLINE are adjusted to form up arches. Possibility to apply one of three Georgian bars: internal, external (glued) or ones which separate structure of a window.

Smooth, easy to maintain, maintenance-free areas of profiles made from high quality PVC - 100% recycled material.

Compatibility with all branded fittings available in the market, including anti-burglary ones.

Wide range of accessories and supplementing elements, such as window sills and under-window sill profiles, blind boxes, clutches, reinforcements, wall mounting elements etc. Smooth, easy to keep and maintenance free areas of profiles made from high-quality PVC, 100 recyclable.

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