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Veka Alphaline 90
Double-pane variant without a thermal insert.

6-chamber system, embedding depth 90 mm (width of the frame) assures thermal protection at the highest level: in case of standard pane (Ug=1,0 or 1,1 W/m2K) and a frame without a thermal insert, we will achieve, for the entire window a heat penetration rate Uw=1,1 to 1,2 W/m2K. In a variant with three panes (Ug=0,7 W/m2 K) and thermal insert, the heat penetration rate for the entire rate equals Uw=0,9 W/m2K, which makes that the structure is ideal for energy-saving (passive) houses and for thermal-modernization goals.

Possibility to apply glazing thick. from 24 to 50 mm in a double or three pane system.

Thickness of external walls of a profile meet the highest RAL standards A (PN-EN 12608).

Triple seal system with a central seal assuring perfect tightness, acoustic insulation and thermal insulation. Aesthetic gray seals, factory mounted during extrusion process, may be welded together. External seals, with areas directed as profiles (drop at 15 degrees), provide perfect protection from uncontrolled air exchange and they perfectly remove water and pollutants.

Proven, steel reinforcements known from 70 mm profiles by VEKA, assuring perfect static stability and long-term functionality.

Pattern-designing characterized by classic optics and balanced proportions referring to PERFECTLINE profiles. Because of low key, neutral look and external contours it fits in practice to every facade. Profiles are adjusted to form up arches.

Low, total side height of leaf profiles and frame, equal to 118 mm, assures larger area of a pane and excellent level of light in a room.

Strong fittings in a leaf and frame via a few walls of a profile.

Possible additional fixing of fittings and load carrying elements fixed to a steel reinforcement in a frame. The reinforcement is always carried out as a closed section.

Application of the same fittings as in 70 mm by VEKA company (e.g. PERFECTLINE).

Availability of a wide pallet of compatible connecting and supplementing elements with 70 mm VEKA profiles system. When designing the Alphaline 90, great pressure was put to keep compatibility with PERFECTLINE system. Thus, one can apply the same steel reinforcements, seals, under-window sill profiles and additional profiles, e.g. certain clutches.

Possibility to apply an innovative thermal insert integrated with one of chambers of frame profile enhances the thermal insulation, which is already great.

Smooth, easy to keep and maintenance free areas. 13 mm axis of fittings groove provides better protection from burglary or taking the window out.

Strong foundation of a pane in a profile 24 depth makes unauthorized persons have problem to overcome the window and it reduces condensation on the pane.

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