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Profile 85 mm

Aluplast Ideal 8000 85 mm
System of embedding width 85 mm, with a central sealing, six chamber.

Thermal permeability of profiles Uf=1,0 W/m2K makes they are in a group of basic solutions for investors interested in the energy-saving building industry. Possibility to apply energy-saving glass packs 51 mm wide, enables to design windows characterized by a very low thermal penetration rate. E.g. referential window, dimensions 1230 x 1480 mm with glass pack characterized by the rate equal Ug=0,5 W/m2K achieves a thermal insulation rate equal Uw=0,76 W/m2K.

Ideal 8000 is a new offer by aluplast, where a serious pressure is put on reduction of thermal and acoustic parameters. It was possible due to increase in Ideal series 8000 an embedding depth up to 85 mm, increased no. of chambers in sections and three seals. In this system, due to wider glass space one can apply energy-saving glass packs, 51 mm wide, which enables creation of windows characterized by very low thermal penetration. Since a dry chamber is acquired by means of a third seal, where there operate fittings, their reliability and life grow up.

In the framework of section Ideal 8000, there have been combined two ways to achieve more than average energy saving by means of a reduced heat penetration of the entire window structure. From one side, sections increase their depth and no. of internal chambers, and from the other hand it is possible to resign partly application of steel reinforcements in leafs to the benefit of "bonding inside" technology, which means gluing of a glass pack into a window glass space.

Similarly like all series of aluplast profiles, the Ideal 8000 system is characterized by wide range of structural variants, and most of all, possibility to select an optimal solution.

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