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Aluplast Ideal 4000

Classic windows

5-6 chamber system, embedding depth 70 - 85 mm with external sealing.

Classic, elegant lines in smooth profiles characterized by clear contours of non-faced version warrant universal elegance. The ideal 4000 system is universal, it is great for modern architecture, single and multi family houses as well as in case of renovations. In the second case, if there is not chance to widen the window opening, lower height of the frame and the leaf is a great advantage; it extends area of glazing and enables us to assure more light in a room.

Aluplast Ideal 4000 Roundline

Windows with smooth curvatures

5-6 chamber system, embedding depth 70 - 85 mm with external sealing.

For persons looking for exceptional opportunities to create their individual windows there was designed a serial round-line, characterized by a delicate optics and smooth curvatures. Due to round curvatures the windows look very attractively and they match perfectly modern interiors. Varied types of glazing beads enable additional stylization of a window and adjusting it to the interior. Quite frequently, clients, who want to replace windows, put a condition that the new solution must be characterized by possibly low profiles and therefore, possible large area of panes. Such advantages are provided by Ideal 4000 Round line.

Rotary window

Rotary windows

Fittings of tilting windows enable application of leafs of widths up to 2,75 m and tall up to 2,20, assuring great vision due to approx. 5m2 of glass area! Fascinating, by its simplicity, airing system needs a little space only and it always makes elegant impression. A complete fitting comprises sophisticated bearing with regulated breaking assistant and stable, reliable central lock. 

By one grip a one can open a window or close it tightly at its entire circumference. Per a client's request a special unit reduces opening angle providing additional security system when airing. In order to clean a window safely one can tilt a window by 180°.

Special requirements for artificial composites windows enforce specialized solutions. Applied regulated closing plates, along with interlocking pins enable to use a pressure and assure tightness. Plus high-quality sealing of tilting leafs with profiles adjusted to a played function. In case of artificial composite windows, variants of fittings are precisely adjusted to specialized solutions of profile systems.

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