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Aluplast Ideal 4000 70mm

Classic doors

Door is a flagship of a house since it emphasis its nature from the entrance. Wide range of colors of profiles, unlimited structural capabilities and possibility to select varied fillings, from the classic ones to the modern ones, enable free shaping of facade of your houses and to make them individual. Moreover, door is expected to assure high safety rate and to protect from noise and weather conditions.

Characteristic attributes of doors, in aluplast systems, is their solidity and elegance. Due to multi-chamber structure, embedding depth from 60 to 85 mm and application of a door step with a thermo-insulating spacer, they are characterized by very good parameters of thermal insulation. Very good stability of leafs, assured by application of reinforcements characterized by large cross-sections and application of welded corner connectors assures great static and reliability parameters. 

Low door threshold, 20 mm high, responds to requirements of building without any architectonic barriers, enabling unproblematic going up and down the stairs. Specially shaped threshold enables connecting with additional system profiles, like e.g. extensions. Wide aluminum stool delivers water into outside. 

Sliding door

Tilting-Sliding door

The most popular sliding door now is so called PSK (Parallel-Schiebe-Kipp-Tür – parallel sliding-tilting door).

This type structures are erected from standard window profiles. Sliding of the leaf is possible due to application of a special mechanism of fittings. After turning the handle from its closed position the leaf goes inside a room, perpendicular to a window plane, and then it slides into a side. The door is also equipped with leaf tilting function.

PSK sliding door provide three basic opening variants:

  • 2 lite - where a leaf slides to the left or right regular lite.
  • 3 lite - where a middle leaf slides to the left or right regular lite.
  • 4 lite - where two middle leafs slide accordingly, to the left or right regular lite.

Also PSK door is carried out, in case of which leafs slide into internal side of a building wall. Such a solution enables total window opening. In such a case guides of the fitting mechanisms must be fixed to the window frame and internal area of the building wall. The frame must be mounted at a position facing the inside building wall's plane. Maximal dimensions of PSK door are approx. 1600x2100 mm or 1400x2300 mm. Advantages of such a solution are moderate price and high tightness. Disadvantages are tall threshold in form of window frame and problems, which could occur in case of improper opening and closing of the leafs.

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