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activPilot Select fittings

One of the latest trends in construction is the fashion for large glazed areas, narrow profiles and increased interest in energy-efficient and noise-absorbing windows. Such solutions require exceptionally durable fittings, especially if the windows are equipped with triple glazing units.

activPilot Select provides designers and window manufacturers a new field to develop. The latest tilt-and-turn fitting by Winkhaus, entirely concealed in the edge clearance, allows constructing windows with sash surface of 3 sq m and weight of 150 kg.

Fittings of this weight class concealed in the edge clearance are very difficult to construct. activPilot Select is the only solution of that kind available in the market. Excellent durability of the new system relies on a patented idea developed by Winkhaus engineers, i.e. a special structure of the bottom hinge. The solution guarantees high stability, easy installation and easy use.

The system of activPilot Select tilt-and-turn fittings has a modular structure and is divided into two weight classes. The standard fitting is intended for use in windows with maximum sash weight of 100 kg. By using solely two additional elements: sash hinge rail and adapter, we obtain a fitting which is suitable for sashes weighing up to 150 kg.

activPilot Select fittings

The additional elements cause different distribution of forces affecting the fitting; the weight of the sash is transferred to the bottom corner of the frame. The solution makes it possible to apply more durable fittings to windows which are already in use, if, for instance, a user decides to replace the glass pane with a heavier one, characterised by better insulation parameters.

It is possible to design windows with Select fittings according to customer's individual preferences. The hinges are installed in the edge clearance and are not visible, therefore all colours and structures of profiles are allowed.

The activPilot Select fitting was ranked first in the 2010 Innovation competition. The winner was selected by the readers of Forum Branżowe magazine from over 200 innovative products in the window and door industry, presented in the magazine.

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