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actiPilot Comfort fittings

Rooms such as bathroom, kitchen or bedroom tend to get very humid. It is crucial to regularly let the moisture out of the house. If the moisture remains inside, mould appears on walls, which causes damage not only to the walls, but also to our health. activPilot Comfort fittings by Winkhaus solve the problem by allowing effective ventilation through a 6-milimetre gap between the window's sash and frame. It ensures permanent flow of fresh air and healthy climate inside rooms.

In colder seasons, room ventilation results in considerable energy losses. activPilot Comfort fittings allow minimising the losses due to air exchange compliant with the laws of physics. When the sash is approx. 6 mm away from the frame, used heated air escapes through the upper part, while colder air flows in through the lower part and gets evenly distributed inside the room. The room is not excessively cold and energy losses are much lower than in the case of a tilted window.

The new method of ventilation eliminates draughts and windows snapping shut. Its advantages are also very useful when it rains. With window tilted, even when the rain is not heavy, water may get inside, whereas windows with gap ventilation provide a much more effective protection from rain. It also insulates noise much better than a tilted window.

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