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activPilot system by Winkhaus combines many innovative, practical solutions which will be standard soon for sure. The new system was designed on the basis of proven autoPilot fitting. Despite it is characterized by the same advantages as the previous generation of fittings, such as protection of a mandrel of a hinge of a locking device, support for the leaf closing system when tilted, the solutions in question have been seriously modified. activPilot  is a modular system, with a clear structure and reduced number of elements compared to previous solutions. activPilot is adjusted to both, manual and automatic assembly. All double door bolts and corners are manufactured in a version locked in fittings groove.

The new system, due to its flexibility enables a manufacturer to react to every request of a client. Attractive additional functions, new inter-locking system and possibility to change safety standard are good reasons for the buyer of the windows. Modern design emphasizes high quality and other advantages of the product.


Inter-locking system

A basis of the new inter-locking system is a hexagonal eccentric mushroom. It cooperates with both, standard and anti-burglary hitches; it enables simple regulation of pressure between a leaf and a frame. This is a unique solution in the market.

No. of elements necessary to fit a window is reduced seriously. Corners were standardized. One detail plays several functions, frame hitches are intended to inter-lock a leaf in a frame, but they also cooperate with multi-function elements.

activPilot enables to enhance standard of a window in a simple way. The multifunctional elements are assembled easily and quickly, also in windows which are already in use. One detail provides two or more extra functions.



The new system combines functionality and aesthetics. Elements underlining high quality and innovation of the product are usually on frame parts of the fittings and on the leaf. The shape of latches and hinges makes the windows easier to clean.

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