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Air vents

Air vents ensure optimum exchange of air and prevent walls from moisture.

Air vents controlled by humidity sensor


Air vents controlled automatically. Air stream depends on the content of vapour (relative humidity) in a room, i.e. on air pollution resulting from performing such activities as washing and drying clothes or cooking. The controlling sensor is made of polyamide tape which, under the influence of changes in relative humidity in air, changes its length. It consequently causes the opening to increase/decrease and thus allows more or less air inside the room.

Air flow - open
Air flow - closed

When the lock is set open, the damper changes its position depending on relative humidity in the room. The scope of air flow is from 5 to 29 m³/h. When the lock is set in the closed position (flap up), the opening is as narrow as possible and the vent provides up to 5m³/h.

Characteristics of the flow through the EMM air vent

The air from outside flowing through the vent is directed upwards, above the heads of people in the room, which prevents unpleasant draughts and feeling of discomfort.

Air flow
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