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KMT Plus Premium

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KMT PLUS PREMIUM door is intended for single-family buildings as an entrance door.

The leaf is equipped with a multi-point strong locks system. The locks are characterized by 4th anti-burglary class. Standard equipment comprises 3 bolts which, when door closes, enter into sockets in a frame and hence, they disable pushing the leaf out.

Varied widths of frames enable adjusting them to a building and an assembly hole. Unproblematic replacement of a threshold.

Double seals system makes that leaf is tightly pushed to the frame.

Noticeable deep & spatial stamping (5 mm) increases attractiveness of the door and it additionally makes the leaf structure more rigid.

plus-kl-2-zamek-dodatkowy.pngAdditional lock plus-kl-2-zamek-podstawowy.pngBasic lock plus-kl-2-zabezpieczenie-gorne.pngUpper protection plus-kl-2-bolec.pngAnti-theft bolt plus-kl-2-zabezpieczenie-dolne.pngBottom protection

Technical parameters

  • Leaf width - 54 mm
  • leaf filling - foamed non-freon polystyrene
  • stamping - deep spatial
  • leaf in a rebate version
  • material - steel galvanized sheet, covered by a wood-like laminate with a wood-texture resistant to weather conditions
  • frame made from steel sheet, laminated, thick. 1.5 mm
  • double seals system
  • possibility to shorten a leaf up to 130 mm (it regards single leaf doors)
  • possibility to shorten a leaf up to 100 mm (it regards double leaf doors)
  • no possibility to shorten doors with extra parts glazing with golden muntins only

Leaf structure

  1. additional lock class 4
  2. lock pocket
  3. multi-point lock class 4
  4. reinforced 3D regulated hinge
  5. anti-theft bolt
  6. rebate version
  7. stile of laminated wood
  8. polyurethane foam
  9. zinc layer
  10. steel sheet
  11. zinc layer
  12. wood-like laminate
  13. top protection

Door samples

Basic colors

zlotydab.pngGolden oak orzechwloski.pngWalnut mahon.pngMahogany wenge.pngWenge orzechciemny.pngDark walnut bialylaminat.pngWhite laminate

Standard equipment

  • laminated wood leaf full or glazed (golden muntins)
  • single-leaf door - frame KMT 10CP, KMT 11CP lub KMT 15CP + stainless steel threshold
  • double-leaf door - active extra part “40”, frame KMT 10CP lub KMT 15CP + stainless steel threshold
  • doors with extra parts - two extra parts stałe “40”, frame KMT 15CP + stainless steel threshold
  • basic multi-point lock + additional lock class 4
  • hinges 3 pcs.
  • ant-theft bolts 3 pcs.
  • lock regulation

Payable options

  • handles
  • inserts
  • wide-angle peephole (height of the hole adjusted to stamping)
  • shortened to dimensions- 130 mm - it regards single leaf doors
  • shortened to dimensions- 100 mm - it regards double leaf doors
  • no possibility to shorten doors with extra parts
  • masking bottom bar (it regards individual shortening)
  • stool for external doors inwards-open
  • bumper strip
  • reinforcement for the door-closer
  • door-closer
  • element fixing the door-closer arm
  • electric lock + additional roller lock
  • aluminum frame ENERGY 60 + threshold ENERGY 60
  • frame TERMA + threshold TERMA (single-leaf door)
  • ościeżnica aluminiowa ENERGY 60 + próg ENERGY 60
  • ościeżnica TERMA + próg TERMA (drzwi jednoskrzydłowe)
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