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KMT Plus 75 glazed

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KMT PLUS 75 door with glazing is mainly used as a front door in residential buildings. Leaf thickness 75mm, filling with polyurethane foam and frame with thermal break reduces heat loss.

Dedicated steel frame and threshold are equipped with a thermal spacer, which provides for effective insulation and helps to significantly improve the energy balance of the house. Seamless exchange threshold when damaged during use.

Massive hinges allow for adjustment in three planes, which allows for a better fit of the leafs and frame.

Distinct deep stamping (5 mm) causes increase of attractiveness of the door and also stiffens the leaf structure.

plus-75-zamek-dodatkowy.pngAdditional lock plus-75-zamek-podstawowy.pngBasic lock plus-75-zabezpieczenie-dolne.pngBottom protection plus-75-bolec.pngAnti-theft bolt plus-75-zawias.png3D hinge with an attachment

Technical parameters

  • Leaf width - 75 mm
  • leaf filling - foamed non-freon polystyrene
  • stamping - deep, shallow
  • leaf in a rebate version
  • material - steel galvanized sheet, covered by a wood-like laminate resistant to weather conditions
  • frame made from steel sheet, laminated, thick. 1.5 mm or optionally aluminum frame
  • double seals system, which makes that the leaf is tightly pushed to the frame
  • 3D hinges, regulated
  • possibility to shorten a leaf up to 130 mm
  • for a flat leaf with a wood texture a standard frame is applied (no texture)

Leaf structure

  1. additional lock class 4
  2. lock pocket
  3. multi-point lock class 4
  4. 3D hinge, regulated
  5. anti-theft bolt
  6. rebate version
  7. stile of laminated wood
  8. polyurethane foam
  9. zinc layer
  10. steel sheet
  11. zinc layer
  12. wood-like laminate

Door samples

Basic colors

zlotydab.pngGolden oak orzechwloski.pngWalnut mahon.pngMahogany wenge.pngWenge orzechciemny.pngDark walnut bialylaminat.pngWhite laminate

Additional colors

grafitmetalik.pngGraphite metallic winchester.pngWinchester antracyt.pngAnthracitedabciemny.pngDark oak szary.pngGrey dabbielony.pngBleached oak

Standard equipment

  • laminated leaf
  • steel frame type KMT 10CP, KMT 11CP or KMT 15CP
  • stainless steel threshold P10, P11 or P15
  • basic multi-point lock
  • additional lock
  • three hinges
  • three security bolts
  • lock adjustment

Payable options

  • handles KMT (oblong signs only), door pulls
  • aluminum attachments for hinges inserts 50x50
  • wide-angle peephole (height of the hole adjusted to stamping)
  • shortened to dimensions(max. 130mm)
  • masking bottom bar (it regards individual shortening)
  • stool for external doors inwards-open
  • bumper strip
  • reinforcement for the door-closer
  • door-closer
  • element fixing the door-closer arm
  • electric lock + additional roller lock
  • frame ENERGY 90 (not freezing) + threshold ENERGY 90
  • frame PASSIVE + threshold PASSIVE
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