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EKO NOVA series doors are designed for use in multi-family buildings as entrance doors from the staircase to the apartment and public utility buildings excluding evacuation corridors. Interior doors shallow stamped with a thickness of 52 mm, filled with expanded polystyrene plate and equipped with a system of double seals improves sound insulation. Wood-like laminate oak, walnut and rustic oak is not resistant to weather conditions.

Frames made of profiled steel sheet having a thickness of 1.5 mm, equipped with a gasket are used for EKO NOVA doors. The outer layer is a wood-like laminate. Uniform color of the laminate and frame ensures high aesthetic value. Available two frame profiles ensure the freedom of selection depending on the installation. KMT 11 frame recommend for custom openings, having a width of 850mm and 950mm.

eko-nova-zamek-dodatkowy.pngAdditional lock eko-nova-zamek-podstawowy.pngBasic lock eko-nova-bolec.pngAnti-theft bolt

Technical parameters

  • internal and external entrance doors
  • leaf thickness 52 mm
  • made from laminated steel sheet
  • filled with foamed expanded polystyrene
  • acoustic insulation rate Rw=28 dB
  • thermal insulation rate Ud-1,4 W/m²K (full door)

Leaf structure

  1. additional 3 bolt lock
  2. lock socket
  3. basic 3 bolt lock
  4. reinforced three piece hinge
  5. anti-burglary bolt
  6. wood block
  7. rebate seal
  8. expanded polystyrene plate
  9. glue
  10. zinc layer
  11. steel sheet
  12. zinc layer
  13. wood-like laminate

Internal door samples


zlotydab.pngGolden Oakorzechciemny.pngDark walnut dabrustykalny.pngRustic oak

External door samples


zlotydab.pngGolden Oakorzechciemny.pngDark walnut

Standard equipment

  • laminated leaf
  • steel frame type KMT 10EKO or KMT 11EKO
  • stainless steel threshold P10 or P15
  • KMT BETA handle gold painted or silver painted
  • 31/46 insert
  • 31/46 knob insert
  • lock adjustment

Payable options

  • wide-angle peephole
  • shortened (max.130 mm)
  • drip cap intended for internal door
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