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Additional equipment

Due to application of the latest solutions in the field of automatics, steel KMT garage gates are very functional and use of them is very comfortable. Gate automatics is made from the highest quality materials.



Remote control

  • remote control TO.GO 2-channel, 4-channel, IO remote control
  • opening of the gate by means of remote control enables to enter into a garage without a need to leave a car.

Wall mounted remote control APPLE

  • Apple 2 wall mounted remote control is characterized by aesthetic, modern frame which fits every interior, and very simple mounting system enables finding a place for it in a house space.

JIM drive

  • reliable operation and simple programming
  • application of a Kevlar belt makes operation of the gate silent
  • possibility to change drive parameters. e.g. speed of opening and closing, acceleration of the gate, time of gate closing

Photocells PUPILLA


Manual gate

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