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About us

"KRAT-MET" factory in Kobylnica
"Terma" factory in Słupsk

History of the company is dated back to 1967. Foundation of the brand there was a tiny fitter workshop which, on the grounds of passion, grit and diligence of its founder - Zenon Szymaniuk and his sons - Dariusz and Artur, became a leader in the domestic market.


Our mission is production, sale and distribution of steel doors, internal and external, anti-burglary doors as well as complex consulting services and maintenance services intended to satisfy our clients. Quality of rendered services is warranted by engagement of every employee into a constant process of organization improvements, following the slogan: "Stay close to a client" since we manufacture our products inspired by clients.


Our vision is providing and rendering the highest quality products and services due to operations based on the latest technologies and long-term development.


certyfikaty.jpgMany years of work focused on development, production and sale of elements for the construction industry enabled us to obtain experience due to which products under the KMT brand are accepted and they satisfy the most demanding clients. Presently we specialize in production of steel doors intended for multi-family construction industry, single-family buildings and public utility buildings. We have cooperated with suppliers offering the best materials only, necessary for production of the doors. Consequently, we have the highest quality products which are long-term and reliable. Our products are available in a distribution chain in the area of the entire country. We have cooperated with building materials wholesalers and doors&windows stores as well as fitting companies. To meet needs and requirements of the clients we have developed an offer comprising doors based on traditional decoration as well as modern ones, adjusted to purchase capability of clients.



TERMA production plant
76-200 Słupsk
ul. Poznańska 42A
e-mail: terma@terma.pl
tel: +48 59 841 44 34
fax: +48 59 841 32 39
KRAT-MET production plant
76-251 Kobylnica
ul. Witosa 21
e-mail: biuro@kmt-stal.pl
tel: +48 59 842 91 51
fax: +48 59 841 55 35
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